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Romance Burlesque Fan - Double Layer

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Our Romance Burlesque Ostrich Feather Fan - Double Layer is nice because of its inner and outer layer of feathers. The second layer is great because it covers more of the acrylic staves near the hand. Especially wonderful for those that do not require a huge fan, but want a full look without gaps. It looks good because the feather layers are both 14-17 long, but staggered a bit higher and lower than normal almost creating a tip dyed look, because the higher feathers peek out from beneath for a very dramatic look when using two colors.

  • Sold By Piece
  • Ostrich Wing Feathers
  • Double Layer Feathers
  • 24 Premium Ostrich Feathers.
  • Feather Length: 14-17" & 14-17"
  • Fan Width & Height: 42 x 21"
  • 12 Nearly Unbreakable Clear Plastic Staves
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Natural goods 1-3  business days
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Ostrich Feather Fans 20-25  business days

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the quality and workmanship is spectacular.. its suptuous and decadent.. and so sexy…good job on the fan.. i want more

Beautiful item but terrible customer support and delivery choices

The fan is beautiful. So, no doubt about the quality of the product. However, I had issues with UPS and attempted to get support from customer service team but they never helped in several days. Also, I had ordered 2 items. They shipped them with 2 different carriers … this meant paying the customs fees twice. Honestly, for one of the items, I paid more in customs fees than the item itself. Fancy Feather should think about how to ship items to avoid unnecessary customs fees. This is absurd.

Overall great

Shipping wasn’t too long of a wait, but I did have some major confusion with USPS and customs emailing me. Fancy feathers customer service didn’t respond to any of my emails about it. I was able to figure it out myself at least.

Overall, the fans look great, they’re lightweight and don’t close too easy. Colors are great. Price is fantastic. Not a terrible wait for shipping, but customer service not responsive at all, so be prepared to handle your own issues.


Perfect accessory for my boudoir photography business! My clients love it. Great value, too.

Waited a year to treat myself to fans

It took a long time to finally treat myself to a pair of my own!! Thanks so much for working with me on style and color combination! Love them!