Ostrich feathers are the most luxurious, full bodied feathers, with strands of flowing feathers that come from the quill outward. There are different types of ostrich feathers: drabs are ostrich body feathers, not as full as the wing feather or plume. Drabs stand more upright than wings and are suited for centerpieces, headdresses, costuming, masks, crafts and floral design. Drabs start out naturally as either a brownish grey (female) or a natural black feather (male), but can be bleached and dyed any color. The ostrich wing feathers are the most dramatic, often having that well known "droop" to them near the tip on a long plume. Wing feathers are often used for Burlesque feather fans, historical re-enactments, centerpieces, pens, headdresses, pens, high fashion, and floral arrangements. We sell ostrich feathers in all sizes, dyed any color. From delicate pastels to neon-brights, we offer natural and dyed ostrich feathers in a rainbow of dyed colors from which to choose.