Ordering Information

After you have added merchandise to your shopping cart and before you provide any payment details, you must understand, agree to and accept all the terms and conditions set forth herein.

If you do not understand, agree to and accept all of these terms and conditions, please do not place an order with fancyfeather.com

Ordering and Acceptance
After you have placed your order, we will display an order confirmation page and send an email receipt. Your order confirmation or email receipt is not a contract, but only a record of your offer to purchase a particular item at a particular price.

After you place an order, FancyFeather.com will determine whether or not we will fill the order.

FancyFeather.com reserves the right to refuse to fill your order for any reason, including, but not limited to, the unavailability of a product or errors in the prices and product descriptions posted on this Web site.

By placing your order, you agree that FancyFeather.com's total liability, under any legal theory or claim, shall be limited to the purchase price actually paid to FancyFeather.com for the product giving rise to FancyFeather.com's liability.

If you place an order via a third party or via any of our employees, either by telephone, by fax, by postal service, by courier service, by email, at a trade show, at an exhibition, in person or by any other method, you explicitly agree and accept all the terms and conditions set forth herein.
All prices on the FancyFeather.com Web site, unless specifically stated, are listed and charged in U.S. dollars.
All orders are prepaid in US dollars. FancyFeather.com accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express,some Debit Cards, Paypal, checks, eChecks, and money orders. Order paid by check or eCheck will delay processing start times by approximately one week, or until check clears our bank. FancyFeather.com uses Paypal as its payment authorization gateway, but you do not need a Paypal account to purchase from our store.

T/T and wire transfers are accepted; free on orders over $500.00. T/T and wire transfer orders less than $500 will incur a $25 surcharge.
Prices, Taxes, Duty, etc.
Prices listed on our Web site are each or per unit as applicable. No sales tax will be added, however, any local taxes, duty, import taxes, etc. are the responsibility of the purchaser.
Export Surcharges – Vet Certificates
These export notes refer to any order which is shipped outside of the USA only.

Export products surcharges. If we receive an invoice for import duty, export duty, customs, clearance fees, miscellaneous or other overseas tax, value added tax or any other type of transaction tax as a result of the exportation of our products, you as the importer implicitly agree to pay all these fees and or you authorize FancyFeather.com to make any additional charges on the credit card you supplied with your order.

Export products – Vet Certificates.FancyFeather.com will provide, at a nominal fee, a copy of a Vet certificate to accompany our merchandise. This copy of the Vet certificate has been accepted by almost every country for the importation of all our merchandise including all feather items, boas, fans, dusters, eggshells, leather, wedding accessories and masks. If an order is held by customs, it is beyond our control, although we will try to help rectify the situation.
Minimum Order Value
Minimum retail order is $100.00 excluding shipping. This minimum may change from time to time at our discretion and/or during sale time.
Price Fluctuation
Some products we sell are commodities and as such, their prices fluctuate. These include feathers, boas and leather products. We therefore reserve the right to change prices and specifications without notice.
Order Processing, Processing Times, and Procedures
There are two distinct steps to every order we receive. These are the processing times and the shipping time.

Order processing times are the number of business days required to get your order ready. Shipping and delivery times are the number of business days required to get your order from our office to your door.
Please take in consideration our order processing time Please vind our processing times listed below.
1.) Natural goods 1-3 days
2.) Dyed goods 5-10 days
3.) Fans 10-15 days

For orders that require expedited service, we offer a same-day and express processing service and fast shipping services, both of these are provided at additional cost. Same day processing means that we will start your order the same day if received by noon CST. It does not guarantee that the order will ship that same day. Most often the feathers need time to dry if they have been dyed. This is especially true for larger quantities.

International orders which require express processing and shipping will be shipped directly from the US office and this will incur substantial shipping costs.

All processing times are at least doubled during a sale due to the high volume of orders.

Some orders may require additional verification of billing, shipping, credit card and or a signed confirmation of order. You will be notified by email if your order requires any further verification and your reply in a timely manner to any verification requests is required.

If you request a specific delivery date - date-certain and this is not available with the processing options you choose, we will automatically upgrade and up charge your order to meet the specific delivery date - date-certain you requested.
Order Receipt, Shortages, Damages, and Order Discrepancies
Before your order is shipped, at least 3 different people have checked the order, inspected the order and signed off to confirm that the order is complete and correct. Your order was carefully packaged and labeled before we shipped it.

After we have shipped your order and after you have received your order, it is your responsibility to check the contents of the order immediately.

If an order was shipped by courier service including Fedex, or other door-to-door carrier and arrives noticeably damaged, if any package is squashed, open or partly open, crushed, bent, re-taped or re-sealed, then you may accept the package at your own discretion. Please notify FancyFeather.com immediately if any package is not in good condition or you believe the package has been opened or re-sealed. At your discretion you may refuse any package that was delivered by courier service whereupon it will be returned to FancyFeather.com.

All orders shipped by courier service are insured and we will work with you and the courier service to arrange new or replacement merchandise as quickly as possible.

Any or all shortages, including merchandise or package damage or any other discrepancies must be notified to the office within 72 hours of receipt.

Receipt is deemed to have taken place when FedEx, or other door-to-door courier service or any other carrier we use has provided notification that the package(s) have been delivered.

No claims for damages, shortages or order discrepancies will be accepted after 72 hours from receipt.

In all instances of order shortages, order damages or order discrepancies, the sole liability of FancyFeather.com will be the replacement, the repair or the refund of any merchandise that was short or damaged. Under no circumstances whatsoever will ostrich.com be liable for any other costs, fees, penalties, rebates, discounts, performance claims or any type of consequential loss, whether explicit or implied, if any order does not arrive in a satisfactory or complete or fully working condition.
Sales, Special Offers, Coupons, and Clearance
From time to time we make available special offers, discounts on items, end-of-line items, discontinued items, special sales and special promotions. All items that are sold as a sale or special promotion item are sold and supplied "as-is" and as such are generally non-returnable.
Colors and Sizes
All pictures, photographs, color descriptions and all references to any colors on our Web site are indicative only. To assure any color matching, please see the relevant FancyFeather.com color selection page.

Hand-selected feather sizes are assorted and you will receive feathers within the sizes as listed. Feathers can be any length within the size range ordered and may all be one size.

Boa lengths are standard 2 yard (6 feet - 1.84 meters). Sometimes when they are twisted for maximum fullness, they get a bit shorter. Boa prices are per color, per style, per size.

Feather prices are per color, per style, per size. Feather quantities per pound vary considerably at different times of the year due to seasonal differences and are offered purely as a rough guide.
We reserve the right to substitute any product with an alternative product of equal or greater quality or value.