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Ostrich Boa Fan (Tribute Waterfall Fan)

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This fan is over the top! It is a fan made with ostrich boas instead of ostrich feathers. It takes quite a bit of practice to maneuver this, and some muscles....but I have seen Michelle L'Amour move them so gracefully and almost effortlessly it is unreal. This is a very dramatic fan. Each stave has an approximate 33" of 4 ply ostrich boa with marabou attached to it. The staves are extended longer than a normal fan so that the boas don't get too floppy too soon. It's big, reaching nearly 82 inches wide x 40 inches high if measured fully laid out, all though when in use, the boas bend and sway so that it is not really this big unless it is being swung. When it is being held- it measures approximately 43" wide x 40 inches high. The fan weighs approximately 1.85 Lbs, so it is not for weaklings!

  • 12 Ostrich Feather Boas
  • 33" Long Ostrich Feather Boas
  • Feather Weights: 1.85 Lbs
  • 12 Nearly Unbreakable Clear Plastic Staves


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