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Wedding Feathers

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Wedding feathers for all your wedding decoration needs! This section is meant to gather some ideas all in one place for popular items used in weddings. Often an elegant feather theme includes table decorations and feather centerpieces, feather accents in bouquets, invitations, confetti feathers, namecards, and bride/bridesmaid accessories.Some people use feathery boas as tie back on the chairs. Please see the complete categories if you want more sizes or colors for your feather, boa, centerpiece or other wedding selections. Thank you!

Click here to see the available colors for dyed Wedding Feathers (only colors shown in drop down box are available at this time): Dyed Wedding Feather colors

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  • Pheasant with Black Tips Fringe

    Pheasant with Black Tips Fringe

    Sold in 1 yard/ 3 foot lengths. Feather fringe using natural Lady Amherst Pheasant feathers that have been sewn onto a a black polyester-blend bias tape. About 1.75 inches long and sold per yard There are approx 4-5 feathers per inch.

    See our complete color list here

  • Gift Certificate Gift Certificate

    Hmmmm, wondering what to get for that special someone in your life? Don't know what color they would choose, but want to buy them a feathery fan or boa? We've got you covered!! Just order a virtual gift certificate! It's easy!! They can order online and apply towards their purchase at check out! They will thank you for this thoughtful gift!
  • Turkey Plumage - Loose, Individual,  5 Assorted Colors

    Turkey Plumage - Loose, Individual, 5 Assorted Colors

    Loose individual turkey plumage in a bag of 5 assorted colors. These feathers can be used for a large range of activities such as fly-fishing, crafts, mask making, party decorations, and confetti. They are 2 to 7 inches in length. Pricing starts per ounce and are sold by weight. These feathers are not individually selected or steamed. Colors Vary, and bag will include at least 5 mixed colors of our choice. About 250 feathers per ounce.
  • Peacock Centerpiece

    Peacock Centerpiece

    Eiffel tower PEACOCK feather centerpiece kit is approximately 34" high x 27" wide when assembled, not including the vase! Kit contains qty of 20 16-18" peacock swords stem dyed turquoise and qty 3 peacock eyes 30-35" dyed turquoise and bouquet holder. See our instructions on how they are made here:

    centerpiece instructions

  • Layaway Plan

    Layaway Plan

    Layaway Plan- see details below! No Interest!

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