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Feather Fans are a gorgeous accessory that set the atmosphere and ambiance of elegance in any performance or setting.'s ostrich feather fan kits are easy to assemble and simple to create.

(you can purchase just the hardware, or the fan kit including feathers) 


In this image- we refer to the front as the left side, and the back as the right side.

What Comes in my Kits? 

  • acrylic staves (12) (clear plastic pieces)
  • Feathers (12 if single layer) (24 if double layer) If you bought a fan, your  feather fan kits come with the ostrich feathers in the description and a hardware assembly kit.  If you purchased the hardware only, we assume you are using your own feathers.
  • V-wires for attaching feathers to staves (2 wires per feather)
  • Reinforced thread to tie onto staves so they open and close properly and don’t flop around.
  • 1 long bolt (to hold staves together) looks like a big screw.
  • Washers – small circular shaped metal rings
  • Hex nut – hexagon shaped metal cap that screws onto the bolt


feather fan kit hardware

Where do I start?

If you bought a fan, your  feather fan kits come with the ostrich feathers in the description and a hardware assembly kit.  If you purchased the hardware only, we assume you are using your own feathers. Use 12 feathers per fan (1 per stave) for a single layered fan.

You will also need a screwdriver, a pair of pliers, and a pair of wire cutters.
Lay out your feathers so that you can see which way they bend and flow.  Arrange them so that they look symmetrical in a fan shape with least amount of gaps due to the way they bend or fullness.

Select one stave, one feather, and one piece of the V wire. Place the feather on the stave. (The curved part of the feather should be facing downwards over the stave squared end.) You will notice 4 sets of small holes in the staves. (not including the big single hole near the rounded side)  Lets call the holes nearest the squared end holes #1, and 2, 3, & 4 going downwards respectively towards the curved end of the stave.  You can choose your feather placement now.

Feather Placement:

You can place them however you would like. Each feather needs to have two wires attached to it.

We recommend putting the tip of the quill part of the feather just barely below hole # 3, threading the v-wire over the feather, and through hole #3.   The ends of the wire come through to the back .

The instructions are for single layered. When we make the tease fans, we attach the Highest feathers on the top two holes of the stave, and then the lower feathers on top of them, attaching them to the bottom and third from bottom holes. The upper feathers go on first- on the top two holes...and the lower feathers are attached on the bottom hole, and then skip a hole, and attach the middle of the inner feathers and the bottom of the top layer feather on the same hole with the same wire.

Then, gently twist the wires like you would do a twist tie on a loaf of bread, using pliers. (Don’t tighten all the way yet, just enough to hold it on.) Do the same with another wire, over the feather and through hole #1, which is nearest to the squared end of the stave- the top set of holes.  Repeat for all 12 feathers and staves. Lay out all 12 feathers and staves, and make sure that all of the feather tips and bottoms are aligned properly. Adjust if necessary. When all feathers and staves are aligned, use the pliers to twist the wire until the feather is tightly attached. A teeny crush is okay, but don’t squeeze it too far ar it will damage the feather. Once the wire is twisted, snip the wire with the wire cutters and gently push the twisted wire to the side of the feather so that it lays as plat as possible so it won’t snag your costume. Repeat this for all the wires and all the feathers on each stave.

Bolt Assembly:

Place one of the washers on the long bolt and push the bolt through the round single hole at the curved end of the stave.  Then place another 2 washers and then another stave. Repeat for all 12 staves. Attach on final wisher(s) to fit to bolt length. Then the hex nut to the bolt and gently tighten. Tighten by using a screwdriver and pliers to desired tightness.

Fan Layout:

Lay the fans out to form a semi circle.  RIGHT AND LEFT HANDED FANS :Open one fan with the top stave to the right, open the other fan with the top stave moving towards the left. Adjust the fans so each stave is equal distance from the next stave and the gaps between each stave are the same. 

Attaching the thread:

Image shows stave without feathers for illustration purposes.


Start on the right of the fan (feathers curling toward you)for both left and right handed fans. Tie one end of the thread to top hole of the stave where the wire is. (Hole #1- closest to the squared end of the stave) Then loop it and thread it through the next stave and tie a knot in the thread after passing it through the stave.  Repeat for all staves and tie a final knot in the last stave. 

Almost done!!

Still with me?  : ))  Finally tighten the hex nut on the bolt. This will lock the bolt to stop it from coming loose. Your fan is now complete! Congratulations! Thank you for your order.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions. Please enjoy your feather fan, and tell a friend!  Like us on facebook to enjoy new and exclusive discounts! 

We also carry feather fan travel bags to protect your lovely fans on your way to festivals and classes!

Okay, now go practice!! Let the fun begin! Now you can dream in feathers tonight….we love being able to make feathery dreams come true! 

Questions??????   CALL US !  +1-630-949-2145  We don't mind! We'd be happy to help!

Cindy Garland






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