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How to make a feather centerpiece

Feather Centerpieces are a gorgeous decoration that set the atmosphere and ambiance of elegance in any party, event or wedding setting.'s ostrich feather centerpiece kits are easy to assemble and simple to create.


What Comes in my Kits?

Your feather centerpiece kit comes with the ostrich feathers in the description and a bouquet holder. The pre-made feather centerpieces do not need a bouquet holder, and simply slide into the top of the vase.

Our kits do NOT includes vases, floral lights, or beads to insert into the vase. If you would like to add these, please contact your local floral supplier. We also recommend that you buy some gift wrap tissue paper in a coordinating color to wrap the bouquet holder in to prevent people from seeing the plastic or foam near the bottom if they are sitting at a table looking up at it. Not absolutely necessary, but an inexpensive nice touch.


How to Make A Feather Centerpiece:

Start by placing your vase (not included) on a table. Place your bouquet holder in the center of your tissue paper and fold the edges upwards so that the corners of the paper extend over the bottom sides of the holder. Place your holder in the vase.You might need to tape that tissue paper in place if necessary.

  1. First, take your longest feathers and stick the quill part of the feather into the foam, in the top of the holder straight upwards symetrically around the edges of the top portion, with th feathers bending towards the outside.
  2. The next step is to start arranging the rest of the feathers on a slight outward angle. Use your longest feathers first. Place one feather, then another similar feather on the opposite side to keep balanced look.
  3. Continue placing feathers around the holder, angling further out the farther you go around the holder.
  4. Once you get further down, start angling at about an 80-85 degree angle. Some people angle them downwards near the bottom edge, but I find that this can visually impair conversation while your guests sit at the table and do not recommend it.
  5. Once you are done inserting feathers, walk away and view from different angles so that you make sure it looks good all the way around. If there are any bare spots you may rearrange them now.
  6. Now, pat yourself on the back for being a creative genius who just put together a fantastic display for your guests to enjoy!


Things to consider:

Please be aware that the vases used are often thin, and the feathers sometimes catch the wind on a breezy day and may tip over. If you are doing an outside event, this is something to consider.

Some people use colored water in the vase. This can be a recipe for disaster if someone were to bump the table.


Custom ordering is a breeze!

If you don't see what you want for your special day, let me know! I am happy to assist and it is easy to quote a 2,3, or 4 color centerpiece! Want to add peacock feathers, or nandos? NO PROBLEM!! We can do it! Just let us know how we can help! ~ Cindy Garland


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