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Ostrich Wing Plumes

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Ostrich plumes are the wing feathers. During the late-18th and early 19th centuries, ostrich plumes were so popular as fashion accessories that for awhile they were more precious than gold. After the invention of the automobile, fashion changed because the feathers in their hats would hit the roof of the car! Today, ostrich plumes are still used on hats and clothing, as well as centerpieces, costumes, decorations, feather fans, high fashion, and much more.

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  • feather-ostrich-wing-natural-white-defective-25+-inches.jpg

    22-25 inch ostrich wing feather, Defective natural white or bleached white

    Defective, might be missing some feather pieces, bent, etc. Not hand selected or steamed. Best when used grouped together or from a distance.
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  • burlesque gift ideas - gift card for feathers boas and feather fans Gift Certificate

    Hmmmm, wondering what to get for that special someone in your life? Don't know what color they would choose, but want to buy them a feathery fan or boa? We've got you covered!! Just order a virtual gift certificate! It's easy!! They can order online and apply towards their purchase at check out! They will thank you for this thoughtful gift!
  • ostrich feathers wing tips 7-9 inches

    7-9 inch ostrich wing tips

    Ostrich wing tips 7-9 inches tall, about 5-6 inches wide - premium ostrich wing feathers available in about 40 colors. Perfect for milliners, crafts, hats, costumes, masks and trim.

    See our complete color list here


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