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We specialize in creating gorgeous feather fans for burlesque, which are often referred to as Sally Rand fans after the burlesque dancer who was known for using enormous ostrich feather fans in her fan dance. Our feather fans are also used for costumes in theater, plays, belly dancing and much more. Our feather fans are so beautiful that some people buy them for interior decorating projects. All feather fan sizes are approximate, as they feathers are always within a range and they are a natural product, so not every fan measures exactly to the size given.

Feather fans are elegant and luxurious, and we offer natural ostrich feather fans and marabou fans in a variety of layers, colors and sizes. Custom dyeing is also available on these fans - please contact the office if interested in custom-dyed feather fans.

Don't see what you want here? Let us know! Call us at (630) 620-9210 to talk about your feather fan needs. We love making custom feather fans and will promptly quote you for your specific requirements! We absolutely love to make beautiful feather fans. It's our specialty!

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All fans are custom made and assembled. We put considerable time in making fans and will only accept a return on fans if you did not get what you ordered, as described on our website.

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  • fan-tribute-4-ply-ostrich-boas with marabou  red waterfall burlesque fans

    Tribute Fan - 4 Ply with Marabou

    This fan is over the top! It is a fan made with ostrich boas instead of ostrich feathers. Nearly 82 inches wide x 40 inches high if measured fully laid out, all though when in use, the boas bend and sway so that it is not really this big unless it is in movement. When it is being held- it measures approximately 43" wide x 40 inches high. Weight: 1.85 Lbs. (more than twice as heavy as a normal feather fan using 4 ply ostrich with marabou. 8 ply is more.)

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