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Feather Boas

Feather Boas. Ostrich boas, marabou boas, chandelle boas, guinea boas, Turkey ruff boas and coque boas made with quality feathers, and available in a rainbow of colors. also offers feather boas custom dyed to match a Pantone color or a swatch of material.

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  • feather-boa-turkey-ruff-8-10-inch

    Turkey Ruff Boa 8-10 inch

    turkey ruff feather boa oversize about 300 grams - about 6 ft long and approximately 8-10 inches wide, this boa makes a statement!
  • feather-boa-turkey-swan-6-inch

    Swan Boa

    These feathers are actually turkey feathers. But they don't look like individual feathers, they just look all fluffy like a cloud of fantasy. Each boa is approximately 5.5 to 6 feet long and about 6-8 inches wide. It's got some quill deep inside of it, but it's not very scratchy on your arms.

    See our complete color list here

  • feather-boa-turkey-ruff-14-16-inch

    Turkey Ruff Boa 14-16 Inch

    14-16 inches wide, and almost 6 feet long. The boa is fluffier towards the center, with the downy soft part of the wispy feather gradually flattening out near the last 4 outer inches. This is like a cloud of luxury at an affordable price.

    See our complete color list here

  • feather boa with black tips

    Turkey Ruff Boa with Black Irridescent Stripped Coque feathers

    Nice and full, about 5.5 to 6 feet long, approximately 7 inches wide , with dense turkey ruff feathers as a base (red in this picture) The black feathers are the black irridescent stripped coque feathers that poke out almost looking tip dyed. The black iridescent coque feathers are a rooster feather in it's natural color which is black with a hint of green to it in certain light.

    See our complete color list here

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    Express Processing - RUSH YOUR ORDER

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