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Feather Boas. Ostrich boas, marabou boas, chandelle boas, guinea boas, Turkey ruff boas and coque boas made with quality feathers, and available in a rainbow of colors. also offers feather boas custom dyed to match a Pantone color or a swatch of material.

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  • Coque Schlappen Boa

    Coque Schlappen Boa- Black iridescent

    rooster coque feather strung boa using 10-12 inch natural black iridescent feathers. About 6ft/ 2 yards in length
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    Express Processing - RUSH YOUR ORDER

    Express processing for RUSH ORDERS, based on your order subtotal before shipping. 30.00 minimum for orders 1.00 to 100.00, or choose from the drop down box based on your order subtotal. Order will ship within 1-3 business days depending on the order, does not include express shipping. This is for RUSH processing. If rush shipping is needed, contact me for a quote please.(IF YOU NEED US TO STOP WHAT WE ARE DOING, AND START YOUR ORDER IMMEDIATELY, INCLUDING STAYING LATE TO DYE IT plus overnight shipping, call me! It might be possible!)
  • 3 Ply Ostrich Boa

    3 Ply Ostrich Boa

    3 Layer Pure Ostrich Feather Boa - Ostrich feathers are used for the top of the line boas because of their inherent beauty and natural flowing quality. This boa is pure ostrich. The white string in the middle can be minimally seen through the strands, more so on dark colors than light. About 6ft/ 2 yards in length

    See our complete color list here

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  • 4 ply ostrich w/marabou boa - Two Tone

    4 ply ostrich w/marabou boa - Two Tone

    4 Layer Ostrich Feather Boa with marabou center TWO TONE - Luxurious ostrich feather strands peeking past the fluffy marabou feathers that hide the cord. Available in only select colors seen in the drop down box.
  • Gift Certificate Gift Certificate

    Hmmmm, wondering what to get for that special someone in your life? Don't know what color they would choose, but want to buy them a feathery fan or boa? We've got you covered!! Just order a virtual gift certificate! It's easy!! They can order online and apply towards their purchase at check out! They will thank you for this thoughtful gift!
  • feather-boa-chandelle-60-gram.jpg

    60 Gram Chandelle Boa

    FancyFeather's 60 gram chandelle boa is an economical feathery boa. The feathers are made from Turkey with a fluffy sort of downy bit towards the middle and flows out to a flatter feather towards the ends. About 5.5-6ft/ 2 yards in length
  • Fade Dyed Ostrich Boa

    Fade Dyed Ostrich Boa

    Fade Dyed Ostrich Boa is an ostrich boa that has been dyed in different stages creating a very beautiful fade effect. The middle of the boa is the lightest, getting progressively darker as one looks towards the tips. Hand dyed in our high tech facility.

    See our complete color list here

  • feather-boa-turkey-swan-6-inch

    Swan Boa

    These feathers are actually turkey feathers. But they don't look like individual feathers, they just look all fluffy like a cloud of fantasy. Each boa is approximately 5.5 to 6 feet long and about 6-8 inches wide. It's got some quill deep inside of it, but it's not very scratchy on your arms.

    See our complete color list here

  • feather-boa-ostrich-8-ply-EXTRA-LONG

    8 Ply Ostrich Boa EXTRA LONG

    EXTRA LONG 8 Layer Pure Ostrich Feather Boa -ABOUT 7.5 FEET LONG! About 2.25 meters - BAM! This is it! The 6 foot just always seemed a wee bit short to me. These are the BOMB! Perfect for drags, twirls and coverage. OMGosh I love them. They're full, luscious, and L_O_N_G! Highly recommended and sought after in the theatre industry. Makes a dramatic statement. Model is 5 foot 5 inches tall for reference.

    See our complete color list here

  • Feather Boa Peacock

    Peacock Feather Boa

    Peacock Feather Boas are 2 yards (6 ft) long, and approx 10-12" in diameter. This boa is made from the Peacock Herl (hair like feathers) and has Peacock eye feathers sewn throughout the boa. The natural blue/green colors of the Peacock makes this a dramatic boa. Peacock boas can be cut with wire cutters without unraveling as feathers are sewn on to a nylon cord and cotton-covered wire.

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