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Ostrich Eggshells

Click on any item to see a full description of our Ostrich Eggshells and Stands with bulk pricing! Ostrich eggshells. Clean, empty, unmarked ostrich egg shells that are all ready for you decorate, paint, cut, carve, or otherwise turn into your own unique creation. Ostrich eggshells can be made into all kinds of beautiful boxes, ornaments, and other beautiful and unusual objects.

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  • ostrich-eggshell-stand-wooden

    Ostrich Eggshell Stand - Wood

    Wood stand, holds one ostrich eggshell.
  • belly-feather-confetti-craft-bag-mixed-colors.jpg

    Feather Confetti - Craft Bag Mixed Colors- One ounce Package

    3-5" ostrich belly feathers in assorted colors. Perfect for Confetti, crafts, and Easter Baskets! (hot pink, orange, green, yellow, purple) one-ounce (28 gram) package - about 200 feathers per ounce.
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  • Ostrich Egg Shell GRADE B

    Ostrich Egg Shell GRADE B

    Clean, empty ostrich egg shell for painting and crafts. GRADE B May have dark markings or finish may not be perfectly smooth. None are cracked or broken though. Hole on bottom is 3/4" in diameter. Overall size is approximately 4.5 x 6 inches, natural off white eggshell color. Perfect for display, carving jewelry, crafts and painting when a Grade A is not necessary.

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